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January 2005 : New version for WINIPaup (Version 1.0)

November 2005 : New version for YCDMA (Version 3.0)

October 2006 : New version for NSA (Version 3.3)

October 2006 : Update available for YCDMA

Janvier 2008 : Release of DataConv (Version 1.10) more info>>>

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In this Web site you can found softwares we have developed and we use for the works conducted at the:
Faculté de Médecine

Institut de Médecine Légale

Anthropologie moléculaire

11 rue Humann



Previous works were essentially focused on Lemurs (Malagasy Primates) phylogentic relationships by using mitochondrial sequences (cytochrome b), 12S rrNA, D-Loop) as well as the study of microsatellite data. Current works are dedicated to the study of human ancient DNA, as well as characterization of mitochondrial HVR sequences.

You can consult D. Montagnon PhD thesis (only french version) by using the following link :

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